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Why you should stop wearing your dentures while you sleep

Dentures are a long-used oral care treatment for a variety of issues including lost or removed teeth, gum disease, tooth decay, and other maladies. As a refresher, dentures are removable synthetic teeth and gums that are custom fit to your mouth. Dentures are created with a hard resin combined with flexible plastic that closely resemble

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Treating Receding Gums with the Pinhole Technique

If you have noticed sensitivity or swelling in your gums, it could be a warning sign of gum disease and your everyday oral habits could be the culprits. Brushing your teeth too hard, using a toothbrush with stiff bristles, and grinding your teeth not only damages them, it can also trigger gum recession. Bleeding gums

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How do porcelain veneers feel in your mouth?

How do movie stars get such megawatt smiles? Part of it is surely genetics, but living in 2019, part of it might be good ol’ medical technology.   If you have misshapen, crooked, or stained teeth, you might consider dental veneers as an option (they’re also called porcelain veneers or dental porcelain laminates). If that’s

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Root Canal Myths vs. Facts

If you’re not familiar with the makeup of the tooth, it is covered with a hard layer of protective enamel, under which lies the dentin.  Within, there’s a soft pulp that contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue, all of which is involved in helping the tooth grow.   If this tissue becomes infected, you

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Am I a candidate for implant dentistry?

Many adults experience tooth loss; whether it is due to an acute accident or a chronic issue like gum disease, missing teeth are common reasons for visits to the dentist. Not only can missing teeth affect your confidence levels and your speech, they can be detrimental to your oral health as well. Because there are

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Basic dental cleaning vs. deep dental cleaning

Maintaining healthy teeth is incredibly important for numerous reasons. Aesthetics aside, having strong, healthy teeth is necessary for living an overall healthy lifestyle. The weaker our teeth are, the more susceptible they are to infection and the more susceptible we are to tooth loss. In fact, according to the National Institutes of Health, by the

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Top do’s and don’ts after a dental filling

One of the most common treatments in dental offices is the filling of a tooth. During routine checkups, dentists check the mouths of patients for cavities. If a cavity is found, the treatment route most commonly taken involves the removal of the decayed pieces of tooth, cleaning the area, and filling the newly cleaned cavity

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The worst kinds of Halloween candy for your teeth

When the topic of Halloween comes up in many dental offices, many patients want to know what candies are “dentist approved,” and what candies are better left uneaten. It is important to remember that your dentist wants you to enjoy the holiday. Candy is not off limits. If you brush and floss twice-a-day, one night

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Simple and Effective Ways to Avoid Bad Breath

In order to function in society, you have to understand what people expect. While it’s not always easy to live up to some peoples’ expectations, you can certainly attain a modicum of approval by attending to hygienic concerns. By bathing frequently and keeping yourself neatly groomed, you’ll make a good impression. Of course, all of

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