Top do’s and don’ts after a dental filling

One of the most common treatments in dental offices is the filling of a tooth. During routine checkups, dentists check the mouths of patients for cavities. If a cavity is found, the treatment route most commonly taken involves the removal of the decayed pieces of tooth, cleaning the area, and filling the newly cleaned cavity

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Simple and Effective Ways to Avoid Bad Breath

In order to function in society, you have to understand what people expect. While it’s not always easy to live up to some peoples’ expectations, you can certainly attain a modicum of approval by attending to hygienic concerns. By bathing frequently and keeping yourself neatly groomed, you’ll make a good impression. Of course, all of

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5 great foods for healthier gums

Gum health is important, and we don’t think about it as often as we should. The assumption is that they’re healthy, so why bother looking? This could prove to be a disastrous mistake, as the health of your gums is tied to your overall health. That got your attention, didn’t it? What are gums exactly?

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How to age-proof your smile

Your smile is the brightest and most noticeable part of your face, at least one would hope. As we get older, our teeth can often yellow, or worse, the age to a point where we may no longer want to show them. Even with preventative measures, there may be unavoidable aging factors that can lead

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The Best Foods for Your Smile

All of us want a healthy, beautiful smile. With a healthy support structure in place, our teeth allow us to eat our favorite foods, consume a nutritious and balanced diet, and generally enjoy a functional mouth. A bright, complete smile is also essential for confidence when socializing. It is often the first thing people notice

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