Discolored Teeth Demand Teeth Whitening: Which Treatment Will You Choose?

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Discolored Teeth Demand Teeth Whitening: Which Treatment Will You Choose?

Do you find it challenging to socialize with your friends or even move around in public hiding your smile because your teeth are discolored? You don’t consider the reasons for the discoloration or even consult the dentist to understand them. Instead, you begin hunting around, searching for teeth whitening remedies from convenience stores, drugstores, and every source you can find. You aim to get your teeth whitened in the shortest time possible using the most affordable treatment available to achieve your goal.

Are you aware you are encountering a substantial challenge trying to find products to whiten your teeth without advice from your dentist? Every second product on the market claims they can deliver effective results faster than everyone else. Your friends may even tell you to use home remedies that they claim are effective to deliver results. However, not all teeth respond to home remedies or even products available in drugstores. In such conditions, which therapy would you consider the best for whitening your teeth?

First of all, you will help yourself by understanding the reasons for the discoloration affecting you. Are they because of foods and beverages you consume regularly, or do they result from infections in your teeth? Did your parents have medications during pregnancy that left you with discolored teeth? Is the discoloration an effect of excessive fluoride intake during childhood? You must initially obtain answers to these questions before you consider any teeth whitening treatment. It requires you to visit your dentist to evaluate your teeth and understand which treatment will suit your needs the best.

How do Will Dentists determine the Precise Source of Discoloration on Your Teeth?

Dentists are dental professionals with comprehensive knowledge of dental anatomy. When you visit your dentist for the evaluation, they will examine your teeth to determine whether the discoloration has affected the surface enamel or penetrated deep to affect the dentin. Based on an accurate assessment, the dentist recommends the best teeth whitening treatment suitable for your needs.

Which Teeth Whitening Treatment Should You Try?

Currently, the market is full of teeth whitening remedies, all claiming they are the best around. Unfortunately, most treatments are only effective against surface stains and have no impact on colors on your dentin. Therefore whatever method you try, you are likely to express disappointment with the products because they do not deliver effective results speedily. The frustration you confront sends you back to your dentist, inquiring how best you can lighten the shade of your teeth.

Why Not Enquire With The Dentist About Teeth Whitening Treatments?

All dentists provide in-office teeth whitening treatments to leave you with brighter and whiter teeth in one appointment with them. In reality, the ADA recommends that the best teeth whitening treatment is provided by your dentist, who bleaches your teeth instead of whitening them.

Teeth whitening is not a simple as you imagine it to be. Whitening remedies available over-the-counter provide you with toothpaste or gels containing abrasive agents that you must use to brush your teeth for a period before you witness any results. On the other hand, dentists deliver visible results within the hour by using concentrated teeth bleaching ingredients helping them to remove all surface and internal stains by several shades. Products available over-the-counter cost less than $ 100, but treatments provided by the dentist near you will cost around $ 650. Therefore you must decide which option is best for your teeth after considering the staining affecting your teeth.

If you desire results in a hurry, the better option is to receive the treatment from your dentist instead of trying unsubstantiated treatments and waiting for ages before you see any results.

If you select dentist-administered teeth whitening treatments, you initially receive dental prophylaxis to determine whether your teeth and gums are healthy or not. Suppose you are considered suitable for in-office teeth whitening treatments. In that case, the dentist protects the soft tissues of your mouth with cheek retractors and rubber dams before applying concentrated hydrogen peroxide over your teeth four times during your appointment. The bleaching ingredient receives help from heat and light to accelerate the whitening process to deliver brighter teeth in approximately 60 minutes. You notice a visible difference from up to 3 to 8 shades by the end of the appointment to satisfy the demand made by your teeth for teeth whitening.

Whitening your teeth is not the end but the beginning of another story that requires you to maintain your dental health excellently by avoiding staining foods and beverages, giving up lifestyle habits like smoking, brushing, and flossing every day, and visiting your dentist for cleanings and exams every six months. Unfortunately, if you do not follow these suggestions, your teeth continue to demand teeth whitening treatments every six months, proving more expensive than other cosmetic dental procedures.


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