Pediatric Dentistry

Whether you’re nursing or bottle-feeding, you should begin incorporating some dental hygiene regimen as soon as possible. Before any teeth erupt, wipe down the gums with gauze or a soft, wet washcloth. Once teeth begin to come in, keep them clean. Using the right set of tools is essential for this daily ritual. For example, it is important to purchase a toothbrush designed specifically for babies with a much smaller heads for their tiny mouths.

If you have not done so already, make sure your child has their first dental visit by turning one to two years of age. Your pediatric dentist will keep your child’s teeth healthy by removing plaque build-up and food debris that may be stuck in his teeth. This is an important part of dental care because it prevents bacteria from continuing to grow, which may eventually lead to other dental diseases. Make your regular visits to the pediatric dentist a fun adventure that always yields some tooth-friendly reward.

The Albion Dental Difference:

Here at Albion Dental, we’re committed to providing the very best that modern dentistry offers. When you walk in, you’ll be welcomed by our warm smile, and we’ll sit with you to go over all the possibilities in your treatment plan to make a better decision. We’ll always configure an effective treatment plan that can dramatically improve your oral health and, of course, the look of your smile.

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Being a Good Role Model for Kids

Early on, you will be responsible for your children’s oral health.  Pediatric dentistry from the caring and experienced team at Albion Dental will help, of course. Still, eventually, you’ll have to make sure your growing kids understand the importance of maintaining their dental health.

You can do a few things to instill the importance of proper oral care in your kids from an early age.  It starts with managing their oral care until they’re old enough to do so on their own and subscribing to children’s dentistry with regular dental visits once teeth begin to erupt.

You need to teach your children how to brush and floss their teeth properly.  Specialists in pediatric dentistry can share tips and tricks to make this process easier and more enjoyable for your kids.  With lessons from the dentist, both parents and kids can ensure oral hygiene tasks are performed correctly.

You still need to make children understand why maintaining oral health is so important.  While you don’t want to frighten children, you can explain how at-home care and dental visits prevent cavities and gum disease that can cause pain, make it difficult to eat or speak, and lead to illness.

Finally, you can set a good example.  Make a habit of joining your kids for daily brushing and flossing regimen.  Kids want to mimic their parents at a young age, which allows you to influence their activities and opinions and help them create healthy dental habits for life.


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