Simple and Effective Ways to Avoid Bad Breath

Simple and Effective Ways to Avoid Bad Breath

In order to function in society, you have to understand what people expect. While it’s not always easy to live up to some peoples’ expectations, you can certainly attain a modicum of approval by attending to hygienic concerns. By bathing frequently and keeping yourself neatly groomed, you’ll make a good impression. Of course, all of this can be ruined by the intrusion of bad breath the moment you get close to others.

You might not even know you have bad breath until you notice others shying away from you, or a family member, friend, or colleague is kind enough to clue you in. What can you do when you discover you that your breath offends? Here are a few simple and effective ways to treat and prevent bad breath.

Proper Oral Care Routine

The best way to avoid bad breath is to maintain good oral health, and this starts with a proper regimen of at-home care. Your routine should consist of brushing, flossing, and rinsing with mouthwash morning and night, at a minimum. Ideally, you should perform these tasks after every meal, including snacks.

If you find you have bad breath despite these efforts, it’s time to rethink your oral care routine. Ask your dentist for a brushing tutorial. Chances are you haven’t had a refresher since you first learned to brush as a toddler. If you don’t already, you should start brushing your tongue or get a tongue scraper. This oft-neglected area is like a sponge for odor-causing bacteria.

You can also ask for suggestions about oral health products that could help to combat halitosis. If you’re suffering from dry mouth, for example, there are products like Biotene mouthwash specifically formulated to address this problem.

Avoid Odor-Causing Foods

There’s no denying the appeal of garlic and onions to enhance the flavor of your food, but these pungent spices can linger for a long time on your breath, and even in your body, causing you to give off a rather unpleasant scent. If you suffer from bad breath, avoiding such foods is a must.

Other comestibles that could cause bad breath include red meat and fish, as well as foods that tend to stick in your teeth and linger in your mouth, feeding bacteria. These could include crunchy items like chips or nuts, but mainly you’ll want to avoid sugary items like soda, juice, cookies, and candy, for example. Especially harmful are sticky candies like caramel or toffee.

Add Water

You know you’re supposed to drink eight glasses (64 ounces) of water or more daily, but do you? Are you keeping track? Chances are you’re drinking significantly less if you’re not actually trying to hit the mark, and this could leave you with a mouth that is dry, sticky, and a little stinky.

Your saliva is a natural rinse aid, helping to flush away food particles and bacteria that can cause bad breath. However, you can boost effectiveness by adding water to the mix for further flushing, not to mention overall hydration that ensures you generate plenty of bodily fluids like saliva. It’s especially important to add water to your routine if you don’t have time to brush, floss, and rinse with mouthwash after every meal.

Quit Smoking

The use of tobacco products is not only harmful to your overall health, but it can be detrimental to oral health, as well. Tobacco products have been linked to oral and other cancers, for one thing. However, in the short-term, they can stain your teeth, cause bad breath, and dry your mouth, creating ideal conditions for the growth of bacteria, plaque, and tartar, which can lead to gum disease and tooth decay.

Regular Dental Visits

Dental professionals are dedicated to helping you maintain optimal oral health through regular visits for cleaning, examination, and x-rays. They also diagnose potential problems like gum disease or tooth decay early to implement treatment and ward off more serious health concerns.

In addition, these professionals are an invaluable resource when you need help dealing with oral concerns. They can advise you on the most effective ways to avoid bad breath, whether it’s a recent development or you’ve been dealing with chronic halitosis for years.


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